The Latest, Smartest Foot Drop System

Regain your ability to walk easier, faster and farther!


Helps Foot Drop

Stimulates dorsiflexion that helps lift foot.

Improves Gait

Helps you walk more naturally and easily.

Reduces Falls

Improves stability, mobility and safety.

Prevents Muscle Loss

Prevents muscle disuse atrophy.

Regains Mobility

Reeducates your muscles to regain walking ability.

Improves Health

Improves Blood Circulation and Joint Range of Motion.


Company Profile

In 2010, EcoPerintis Teknologi Sdn Bhd was one of the few pioneer companies of green technology worldwide. To reduce global warming risks, EcoPerintis offered eco-friendly LED lighting as an alternative form of renewable energy. In 2016, recognizing the immense benefits of Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) in medical rehabilitation, EcoPerintis embraced a new ambition- to give new meaning to patients with foot drop abnormalities.

Introducing XFT G3 Foot Drop System: The latest, most effective FES prosthetic device, which can help patients suffering from foot and gait abnormality due to stroke, hemiplegic and incomplete spinal cord injury, to regain their walking ability.

Our Vision

To provide the best solutions to empower everyone to live their life without limits.

Our Mission

To help patients suffering from foot drop abnormalities to regain their walking abilities sooner and safer.


Doctors told me I could only start walking again after 2 years. But the moment I wore XFT, I can feel the difference! My feet feels lighter, and it's easier to walk. It has only been a few months, but I can now walk anywhere I want by myself.
Andy Lim

Andy Lim

Managing Director
Was introduced to XFT after a series of physio at the Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine of a private hospital. Very surprised to see fast progress. Immediate positive response. Trust the product (with God’s will) it is worth the investment. No longer fall after using XFT, feet goes straight when walking.

Encik Murad

Tested the XFT and immediately took the product after a year of physiotherapy. All private rehab should consider investing in a set of XFT. Very light and easy to use.

Tan Sri Wahab

Skeptical but desire to heal fast. XFT is value for money, very light and easy to use (effective).

Encik Mohd Sallehin Bin Kassim

Found the product at an exhibition. Tested the product on patients after evaluation of the physical muscle. Foot drop patients with active nerve muscle stand a higher chance of walking again with XFT.

Mr. Edmund

Was introduced to the product by fellow physician. Introduced the product to patients with stroke and with peripheral nerve injury referred for rehab. Patients who tried on the XFT have more confidence when walking.

Dr Rameezan Begam