• How Does XFT Help You?

    When the user walks, the advanced MEMS sensor will automatically sense the swing angle, speed and pace of their leg.

    Its intelligent algorithms delivers precise FES* to the common peroneal nerve and other muscles to stimulate dorsiflexion.

    At the right timing, the FES will help lift the foot to improve gait, helping the user walk naturally, steadily and safely.

    With continued stimulation over time, the brain may even be able to relearn this movement without the stimulation.

    *Functional Electrical Stimulation is usually applied in neuroprosthetic to restore the movements of weak, paralyzed limbs caused by neurological conditions.

  • Unique Features

    No additional sensors, shoes or wires needed!

    Comfortable & Durable: Quick-fit Electrode covers your peroneal nerve precisely.

    Light & Discreet: Ultra-thin design fits snugly below knee and under clothing.

    Easy & Convenient: Magnetic clasp can be fastened easily with just one hand.


  • Helps Foot Drop

    Stimulates dorsiflexion that helps lift foot to improve gait.

  • Improves Gait

    Improves your gait to walk more naturally and easily.

  • Reduces Falls

    Improves stability, mobility and safety.

  • Prevents Muscle Loss

    Prevents muscle disuse atrophy.

  • Regains Mobility

    Reeducates your muscles to regain walking ability sooner.

  • Improves Health

    Improves blood circulation and joint range of motion.


International Authoritative Certifications

Improvement in Walking Ability (%)

In Just 8 Weeks

Let XFT Help You Regain Mobility

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