• Our Story

    In 2010, EcoPerintis Teknologi Sdn Bhd was one of the few pioneer companies of green technology worldwide, offering eco-friendly LED lighting to reduce global warming.

    But in 2016, at the peak of his company’s success, Mr. Andy Lim was suddenly struck by stroke at only 45 years old.

    This was shocking for everyone who knows him- Mr. Andy was an energetic man who swims and frequents the gym every week, and his annual medical checkup has always been positive.

  • Yet, that fateful day, five out of eight of his blood vessels ruptured, and he was hospitalized for 4 months. Miraculously, he survived. Doctors said that he would need at least 7-8 years to recover as much as 70% of his normal functions.

    Mr. Andy didn’t want to wait so long to get his life back again.

    But the only solutions available at that time were too expensive. He asked his physiotherapist then, Mr. Edmund, if there was a faster and affordable way.

    At that time, Mr. Edmund had just chanced upon XFT Foot Drop System at an exhibition he visited, and with his experience, he could tell that the XFT System would be an effective solution for patients.

    XFT Foot Drop System was not only less than ¼ the price of other Foot Drop Systems in the market, it is also equipped with the latest, most innovative MEMS sensor.

  • Before using XFT, Mr. Andy had circumduction gait- he had to swing his leg in order to take a step forward, and he had to rely on walking aids to move around.

    But in just 2 weeks, with XFT, Mr. Andy could start walking straight without relying on any crutch. Within 3 months, he could walk up to 4 km without stopping for rest!

    What should have taken him years, took him only 5 months- by the end of the year, he could go anywhere he wants without any companion or crutch.

    Realizing how much XFT can help patients like him regain their life so quickly, he immediately approached XFT to work together in making XFT more accessible and affordable for everyone.